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The Workforce Story Course Catalog

Chapter One:

Don't Skip This Chapter

The Basics are still the Basics

Census 2020: 

What Money Can't Buy

Watch your geography

Comparisons - See yourself as others see you

Look to the future, not the past

Age matters more than ever

LFPR Trends

How healthy are your habits?

Education Attainment

Get Credit where you are due

Employer Lists

Employer Experiences

Higher Scrutiny

Higher Scrutiny - Broadband

Higher Scrutiny  - Child Care

Higher Scrutiny - Health Care

What happened when

Who is hiring, who is in short supply

What happened to pay?

Capture the Video

Resourcing Research

Crowdsourcing Research - Content

Institutional Memory

Key Takeaways

Chapter Two:
Workforce Development

What happened to training throughput?

Talk to each other - don't wait for the data

The Real Questions to Ask Companies

Stackable credentials

Where to cut and where to expand

Access is a priority

The Trouble with Customized Training

New delivery models

Retracking young learners

Localize Career Tech

Career Fairs

Interns and Apprenticeships

Retracking COVID-19 retirees

Resourcing Workforce Development

More about video

The Competitive Landscape

Key Takeaways

Chapter Three:
Recruit and Attract Talent

Who are you talking to

Enabling versus enticing

Enabling versus enticing part two

Why people move

Is this time different?

Defending your density

Appeal to aspirations not fears

If they come home, are you ready?

Converting the commuters

Universal Talent Attraction

Be specific

Can you buy a Workforce?

Toolkits for existing employers

Deputies and Ambassadors

Key Takeaways

Chapter Four

Be outstanding, not incredible

Know your stuff - no cheat sheets

My pandemic is better than your pandemic doesn’t work

What team are you on

Market Solutions

Talk in timelines

Get it on video, one last time

Workforce on the First Date

Workforce on your web site

Workforce on Social

Answering workforce questions - RFPs and Tours

What about Fam Tours?

The Power of Story

Talking to the home team

Staying in touch with the ones who came home

Crowdsourcing Contacts

Data Viz Do's and Don'ts

Toxic and Tired

Hard is not unique

A few of my favorite things

Schadenfreude is not a marketing strategy

Key Takeaways

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