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As Economic Developers, your workforce challenges are persistent and complicated.  Whether you've been on the job for a long time, or are new to the profession, there's a lot to learn, a lot to keep track of, and the search for inspiration and best practices can be overwhelming.


In 2020, I released my Master Class - ReBoot Your Workforce story - designed to give you a well-organized library of advice and examples covering a wide range of workforce topics and specialties. (Yes, that's still available here)

Now, I'm making each module of the Master Class available as an individual video course


More focus and specialization

Lower investment of time and money

Choose your focus, and I'll be your wayfinder

This one's for you if . . .
     You're responsible for choosing and using data sources
     You're responsible for creating primary research
     You want to understand better what data matters

If your focus is working with workforce development partners, or if you are a workforce professional, this course will talk about how to connect and how to impact students, educators, employers and parents to close gaps

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Many of you are focusing as much energy on recruiting and retaining talent as you are on recruiting and retaining businesses, so here are lessons in how to best utilize your resources and stand out from everyone else trying to do the same thing

Eventually, you have to explain your workforce, either using it as the headline for your proactive activities or in response to some pretty tough questions.  This course will walk you through how to be impactful, memorable, and trusted resources

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Learn more about me by visiting my website You can also check out other resources I've collected for you in The Library. I also post regularly on the Piece of Mind section of my website and on LinkedIn.

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